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A visionary designer, entrepreneur and philosopher, Tanja Andrejasic Wechsler is dedicated to inspiring a more enlightened and sustainable humanity that appreciates beauty and joy of life and understands that everything is interconnected.

Tanja grew up in Slovenia – a country known for its pristine waters, and the first in the European Union to amend Water Rights to its constitution and denounce water privatization. She spent much of her childhood observing water in its most primordial form, developing an understanding of and respect for its life-giving force.

As an adult, Tanja’s deepened understanding of Ecology and its relationship to mind and media, along with her entrepreneurial background, led to her commitment to use the power of the marketplace to bring better awareness and appreciation of water to consumers.

Her journey into creating I AM WATER DROP is a story of endurance and unerring dedication to a vision. It was a design seen by many as impossible to produce in glass and she spent nearly a decade searching for the right team to bring it to life without compromising its design in pure glass and the integral mission to protect pristine waters. As a result, she created a reusable bottle that is unparalleled to any other on the market.


OHM Elements is a socially-driven company focused on utilizing the power of the marketplace to make a difference in the world by creating positive messages and sustainable products. We pay special attention to justifiable usage, the life cycle of products and the carbon, energy and water footprint ensure our values are reflected throughout our supply chain.