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There is only one body of water on the earth. We risk running out of water if we do not manage it correctly. 844 million people, about one in nine of the planet’s population, already lack access to clean water.

Current human practices—toxic waste, plastic in our waters, hydro-fracking, deforestation—have polluted our collective bloodstream, deteriorating our body and mind and together with extraction of our aquifer reserves and the increase of global warming are quickly reducing availability to clean water. Bottled water’s quality is diminished at it adds to the carbon footprint as well as over-extraction of the world’s aquifer. Further, 99% of water in plastic bottles has absorbed toxins from the plastic.


Water is the origin and source of Life – it is our bloodstream, our amniotic fluid. Its essential purpose is to continue Creation. Big Bang, the most credible theory of the birth of the universe, states that the first element to manifest was hydrogen. In Genesis, water is not only the first thing to be created after heaven and earth, it also anticipates creation itself. Everything is in liquid form before it becomes solid. And trees, muscles, and bones display patterns of water’s movements.


Water needs movement to keep its original hexagonal structure to transmit nutrients that help cells absorb and carry information that protects our human DNA. Purification of water is not enough to remove the structural and energetic damage inflicted by chemicals, improper storage and other low frequencies in the environment. The original structure water has when moving through nature must be restored.


For water to be restored and healthy, it has to be cleared of the energetic frequencies imprinted by chemicals and other environmental factors, including transportation and storage. Stainless steel containers cannot provide a real solution as they cannot be recycled. Glass, however, has an endless recycling ability and is not toxic. I AM WATER DROP was created out of this knowledge. It is a superior offering that is not only beautiful but also sparks a conversation around water and sustainability, building a more enlightened humanity.