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We celebrate beauty, yet our beauty is not just skin deep. We deliver a healthier and more elegant drinking experience while pushing boundaries in respect to the consumption of water and creating paradigm shifts in awareness of and in our relationship with water.

I AM WATER DROP is a handcrafted lead-free crystal portable bottle and a carafe that are a beautiful statement that calls for consideration and respect for water, humanity and all of life.


This 900 ml lead-free crystal carafe offers an experience that makes water more than simple refreshment and background to a meal. It presents water as a beautiful statement that calls for consideration of water whether in the boardroom, on the dining table, or in the bedroom. With its integral commitment to promoting responsibility and respect for water, I AM WATER DROP carafe is the perfect fit for the hospitality and travel industry that wish to demonstrate sustainability and communicate the importance of water.


Inspired by the most elegant and beautiful ratio in the universe, our patented, ground-breaking, waterdrop-shaped bottle blends elegance and the ancient beauty of golden means with new science to create a superior bottle that supports healthier water and provides maximum hydration and purification.

Based on the theory of Sacred Living Geometry, the inherent movement, energy and life of water is best sustained in an egg-like shape. Like Nature, I AM WATER DROP’s inner shape promotes the vitality and movement that healthy water has in its natural environment.


As an icon of pristine water preservation, small 330 ml I AM WATER DROP, along with its stylish fashion accessories is a complete and new sustainable, reusable offering that along with alluring lines and state-of-the-art accessories creates  bold statements that you cherish and enjoy in those moments of your everyday life.

Emulating the shimmering condensation of dew in the morning light, I AM WATER DROP’s first luxury accessory will be made of recycled and ocean plastic; blending craftsmanship, elegance and sustainability.


We use Nature to preserve the beauty of the planet and the health of water. For thousands of years, humans have used glass—a natural, non-toxic material that is fully and endlessly recyclable. Glass draws strength from the earth and reflects the purity, fluidity and clarity of water, preserves its taste and enhances the drinking experience, making I AM WATER DROP the superior container to preserve its taste.


I AM WATER DROP partners with Bomma, one of the world’s top glass production facilities based in the Czech Republic. Bomma’s worlds best glassblowers and tool makers combined tradition and innovation to bring take glass production to new heights.

Bomma created I AM WATER DROP made of lead-free crystal glass, blending sophisticated craftsmanship with an iconic contemporary vision to produce the shape of an organic water-drop.


Be the first to receive our elegant bottle. Order before April 30 to become a permanent VIP and receive our special thank you gift. I AM WATER DROP uses 10% of proceeds to protect and restore pristine waters and to create events that highlight the human relationship to water.

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